Starting A Business Test Registration

Starting A Business Test Registration

Starting A Business Test Registration
The test is free to those attending one of our business networking meetings.
I request the details to pay the test fees of £50. (For those who will not attend our meetings). Send the test at 12 noon Monday 8.7.24 and any reminders email to this email address above. The test will be removed at 12:45pm. Please check you spam email box.
The tests will comprise of 35 questions based on "Starting A Business" Book1 by Management Consultants London.

Management Consultants London seeks to ensure that those who read our books have understood what the author was seeking to communicate through a simple online test. This will help to ensure that all members are on the same page and maintain our agreed standard of conduct.

Members are those who have attended one of our meetings and passed modules 1 and 2. They will have access to a number of benefits including a free half page inclusion into our business directory.

Associate members are those who have NOT attended one of our meetings in mid 2024 but have passed modules 1 and 2 after paying the £50 fee. To pay to sit this short test on Monday 8.7.24 at 12 noon until 12:30 pm after reading book 1 click here:

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