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Management Consultants London have produced a book series in paperback, hardback and Ebook formats written for those seeking to start a business successfully in a number of countries. As at 24th May 2023 between March 2021 to March 2022, there were 753,168 new businesses started in the United Kingdom . This is a decrease of 7.1% from the previous year when the total number of business launches reached its highest total since records began (810,316). According to start-up Genome, the failure rate for start-ups in the United Kingdom is approximately 60%, which is similar to the global average. In the U.S there were 5 million new businesses created in 2022, which was a 42% increase from pre-pandemic estimates. However, 48% closed by year five in 2022 according to Shopify.

Starting a business in United Kingdom Book 1

Starting A Business United Kingdom Book 2

Starting A Business United States of America

Starting A Business in United States of America Book 2

Starting A Business Italy

Starting A Business Nigeira

Click on the link to access a free taster of our books: Start A Business Book”
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Our book series, “Starting a business,” provide some insights to support you setup and achieve success quicker. Our books  can be purchased on Amazon from mid September 2023 onwards and we anticipate that these will be regarded as very practical additions to the range of books dedicated to this subject area. Our books cover an extensive range of matters range that will help you start a business or develop one that is under 12 years old and we have mentioned less than a quarter of these issues below but include:

Book 1
Are you a natural leader?
Personality types
Business structure in brief
How to build effective teams
Staff induction
Sales funnels
Business law
Tax returns

Starting A Business. Book 2. (Developing the business.)

Book 2
What your customers want
Product life cycle
Business PESTLE analysis
Performance management
Human resources
Employee incentives
Coping with business failure

We have included a few insightful jokes to ensure that you enjoy the journey.                                                                        Visit your favourite book seller to purchase a copy of both books. For your convenience you can also purchase them here.

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Starting a business Book

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Bulk purchases of these books

In addition to yourself, empower your management team or accounting, business and finance students with these reference materials that will help equip them with some of the soft and hard skills to enable them to be more effective and productive in their business environment.
You can receive 15% discount when you order 7 or more joint orders of both books 1 and book 2: “Starting A Business.” To receive your bulk purchase refund contact us with the purchase details if it was not provided by the online payment merchant.

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